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Here’s where the excitement begins. Furniture within the home office space script and tell stories of great work that can begin and a range of tasks that can be completed with ease. Plan your layout and design around ease of movement and access to various spaces and furniture. When planning out your office, keep things simple - from the inspirational colours you want on the walls, to the types of desks and chairs and to even the kind of artwork you may feel you would love looking at all day. As with the other rooms in the house, your office and furniture can be customized to your needs and be made highly personable. Design your home office to inspire and excite you to work, and become a space that spells you. A few factors to consider when deciding on the right furniture and style for your home office range from the type of desk that fits your needs to the need for an ergonomic chair and whether you can surround yourself with what inspires you truly.