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Embrace your one true sanctuary. Your bedroom is so much more than a place to lay your head at night. It is a space used specifically for recharging and retreat - we truly believe that!

Up until now you may have put your bedroom design work on the backburner, and fixated more on more high-traffic spaces in your abode. At Furnito Interiors we wish to change that slightly, and provide your bedroom the attention it deserves. It needs to be a room that calls out to you allowing you to retreat perfectly.

There is zero shortage of bedroom design inspiration, or bedroom style options. When beginning the journey of designing your bedroom, keep in mind what you love the most. The bedroom is the most private and intimate space of yours, and you can be allowed to bring down the formal design styles here and create a space that adds to your peace.

Cozy and comfortable notwithstanding, your bedroom must be functional to your needs. We will help you with the core decisions that need to be made, with regards to layout ideas - how big of a bed could fit, are nightstands with drawers needed, how much storage is enough etc. Darker and moody interiors can have calming effects while lighter shades can be energizing. Blue is a popular shade due to the calming effect it has while red in the bedroom is unusual. It’s a lot to think about but don’t worry - you’re in the assuring hands of Furnito Interiors